Steward Bank Completes ‘World Class’ Housing Project Steward Bank

Steward Bank today launched its completed housing project which is now ready for occupation, 263Chat can reveal.

The mortgage plan per unit is bundled with services which include Wifi, Kwese TV and fitted gas.

Speaking to 263chat, Steward Bank Chief Executive Officer Dr Lance Mambondiani said as a bank they had been looking into making a big impact in housing and is in the process of partnering with a lot of government authorities to have units that contain the price and are world class.

“For us infrastructural development is absolutely key to economic growth, so what we wanted to do is addressing a number of areas. We already quite big in areas like healthcare, energy, housing was really another area that we wanted to make a big impact,

“The units here are probably going to be one of the largest self-sustained energy seating in the country because we have 200 housing units that are ready to occupy right now,

“The housing that we have is fully powered by DPA Solar with 3.7 KV battery that is the capacity of sustaining the whole unit. The unit is also fully equipped with wifi from ZOL, entertainment from Kwese, connected home for security, gas fitted and that is all contained in one mortgage price,” explained Mambondiani.

He added that the bank is targeting both locals and people in the Diaspora saying they had been approached by locals in the abroad that requested coming to fully complete houses.

According to Mambondiani, Steward Bank is also working on a housing project in Avondale, Bulawayo, Mutare and will be taking it across the country.

Acting Town Secretary for Ruwa Local Board Fatima Miti, hailed the bank for finishing the project on time and the quality of the houses they put up.

“This project is quite fundamental to us especially the speed at which they executed the project, within three months they had finished the servicing, infrastructure which had not been done, basically the houses were put in four weeks. The quality of houses and roads really show that it is an upmarket project,

“We believe it is putting Ruwa on the map and is already having inquiries from the Diaspora,” she said.

Steward Bank also announced a $250million fund that is targeting green energy and aim to be the biggest funder as far as energy is concerned.

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