ED’s Victory Breathes New Hope For Students-ZICOSU

The Zimbabwe Congress of Student Union (ZICOSU) President ,Takudzwa Gambiza, has described President elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory in last week’s polls as a new hope for tertiary students whom he said are the direct beneficiaries of the president’s “2030 middle income economy vision.”

Gambiza said the 2030 middle income vision is loaded with economic opportunities for students and graduates which will see a transformation on the lives of the youths and students after school.

“The victory for ED is a victory for the students community as Cde Mnangagwa’s Administration has implemented quite a lot of reforms within our sector, which are meant to unequivocally transform the livelihoods of students, also Transforming our education so that it becomes relevant to the needs of the economy.

“The vision by the President of making Zimbabwe a middle income economy by 2030 also brings hope of economic opportunities for students and Graduates, also growing the economy will have a transformation effect on the lives of the youths and students during and after their tenure,” he said.

Gambiza applauded Mnangagwa for his peace gospel that saw Zimbabwe experiencing an improved political environment during election campaigns, something which was alien during Robert Mugabe at the helm of power.

He said having Mnangagwa at the top office in the land ensures peace and stability in the country saying his stance on corruption also is a potential factor to lure investors to Zimbabwe.

“With ED as the President, there’s guaranteed peace and stability in the country, which will surely attract investors, furthermore his astute stance on corruption is a plus that we are surely to benefit from his leadership for the next five years,” Gambiza said.

The peace environment was however obstructed following the military firing of live bullets killing six at protesters killing six civilians a development that left diplomats worrying on whether Zimbabwe is able to break away from its past.

However, the Zimbabwe National of Student Union (ZINASU) Secretary General, Archbold Madinda,had no kind words for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) charging that the commission did not do due diligence to guarantee credible elections.

He further said the student community is saddened by the events of 1st August where six civilians were shot dead by the military as the security forces moved in to quell protests at the requests of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

“We also regret the involvement of the military particularly in post elections, where the military had to shoot down unarmed and defenseless citizens in broad day light in the streets of Harare and they have been moving around abducting and beating people.

“It’s regrettable that Zimbabwe has been thrown deep again to the old days of Robert Mugabe where the security of the citizens are not guaranteed,” said Madinda.

Madinda said the country needs to return to constitutionalism to guarantee the security of the people which he said, at the moment,is at a great risk.

He implored President Mnangagwa to consider higher tertiary education ministry seriously by appointing responsible authorities with technical skills and professionalism that will benefit the student community.

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