Catholic Priests Should Get Married:Ndanga

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) President Johannes Ndanga has called upon Catholic priests to get married saying God only consider married people as holy.

In an interview with 263Chat, Ndanga said priests should get married so that they receive some blessings from God.

“A Catholic priest seeks to bless a marriage when he himself does not believe in marriage, the bible is very clear when it says when God created Adam, he looked at him and said it’s not good for a man to stay alone.

“That’s when you see a Catholic priest taking a vowel not to marry when God says it’s not good for men to stay alone. Therefore we want to revisit completely all those things and see where we are lost ,the bible says God created men in his own image,he made them men and women,bless them and told them to multiply,” he said.

He added that some priests should also get married and stop adultery because marriage is sacred.

“So when you are not married, whatever you do will not multiply and fill the earth until you are blessed. We are saying they should get married and stop adultery with some sisters out there, they should know that marriage is sacred whereby for one to be considered holy, he or she should get married.

“If you are not holy you remain single and its abominable in the bible for a man not to marry,” said Ndanga.

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