The Political Professor Series (4)

By Kumbirai Mutengo

Today’s episode is quite different and interesting. There are a number of questions I have for you.I f you cannot answer them then you are not a patriotic and you need to wake up.

Again if you cannot answer some then the politicians in your area are not working the do not have you at heart.

1. In what ward do you live in?
2. Who is the current councillor in your ward?
3. What is the name of your MP?
4. What is the name of your constituency?
5. Have you ever met your councillor or MP before?
6. Has your MP called for a constituency meeting in the past five years?
7. On a scale of 10 can you rate your MP?
8. If your current MP is running for office again will you vote for him/her?
9. Have there been positive changes in Zimbabwe since 2013?
10. Do you know what is voter inspection?

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