Wakanda boyfriend would be cool with his girlfriend doing that?

The NOOGNATION welcomes Chee from Chee the Movie Nut in this episode where they revisit weird Valentines stories from Onai’s ‘past life. They reflect on the life and the death of former prime minister and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai where they ask, “should people who were political foes to MRT have the right to send condolence messages to the Tsvangirai family?” On hashtags & Dot coms, its all about the new trend where girls seem to be proposing to men, would you be okay with it? Also, have you participated in any one of the new twitter hashtags,#PeopleWithCurves #GlassesTwitter #PeopleWithDimples, find out what typa person the NOOGNATION thinks you are. Finally,in the feeling station, the team argue about whether its cool to go out on dates with a person other than your significant other..you will be surprised what some of the guys said! #NOOGNATION twitter – https://twitter.com/noognation facebook- The Noognation