Account For The Missing $15 Billion: Mnangagwa Told

Presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections, Dr Noah Manyika, who leads the Build Zimbabwe Alliance party, says President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Vice Presidents must be held accountable for the $15 billion worth of diamonds revenue, as they were in critical positions when the loot reportedly happened.

Former President Robert Mugabe broke the news of the missing $15 billion diamond revenue in an interview to mark his 92nd birthday in March in 2016, saying Treasury had received $2 billion since diamond mining operations started in 2008.

There has not been any arrests made since, although a “witch hunt ” was launched in November of 2016.

Dr Manyika, who is one of the several presidential aspirants, said Mnangagwa should be held accountable for the loot together with Vice Presidents Kembo Mohadi and Constantino Chiwenga.

“As a message which was circulating on social media recently reminds us: When $15 Billion from diamonds went missing, who were mining at Chiadzwa? Army Company was mining.

“Who was the Minister of Defense then? Hon. ED Mnangagwa. Who was the commander of the army? Chiwenga. Who was the Minister of Mines then? Obert Mpofu. Who was the Minister of Home Affairs? Kembo Mohadi,” said Manyika.

He further stated that there is great mistrust on the Mnangagwa government as there are fears of misuse and abuse pf revenue that will be generated.

“While billions that have disappeared from our national economy in recent years still haven’t been accounted for, there are those who expect Zimbabweans to be excited about the billions that will supposedly flow into the country through the “Zimbabwe Is Ready for Business” mantra and initiative.

“The question every Zimbabwean should be asking themselves however is what kind of pocket are those billions going into? What kind of stewardship is in charge of it and how different is it from the past. What difference will this make to the average and ordinary Zimbabwean?

William ‘Widzo’ Pilbrough was unveiled as one Dr Manyika’s running mate for the 2018 elections

“Will the billions that flow into our economy under this leadership be more than what will flow out?,” questioned Dr Manika.

He added that under Mnangagwa’s ;leadership the country can only be an average African country at best, forever stuck in the “Third World” category within which poor people are bribed with a little bit of food during election time to celebrate the building of a few highways which pass through villages stuck in the last century.

Meanwhile, the BZA president has unveiled ,William ‘Widzo’ Pilbrough, as one his running mates for the 2018 election.







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