“I Pray I Vote” Campaign Seeks To Promote Peaceful Polls

The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has launched a nationwide campaign which seeks to encourage peace and tolerance in the forthcoming elections while encouraging Christians around the country to exercise their constitutional right to choose political representatives of their choice.

                                 By Edgar Gweshe

ZCC General Secretary, Reverend Kenneth Mtata speaking during an interview said the “I Vote I Pray” campaign also aims to disseminate credible information to the Christian community and Zimbabweans at large ahead of the forthcoming polls.

He said information dissemination was critical to allow Zimbabweans to make informed choices during elections.

“The objective o the campaign is to encourage Christians to participate in the elections from an informed basis by providing credible information on electoral issues. It also seeks to provide inclusive platforms for open dialogue and debate.

“More importantly, the campaign promotes a violence free electoral process where all Zimbabweans everywhere are not hindered from exercising their right to vote,” said Reverend Mtata.

Zimbabwe has a history of bloody polls and calls for the country to uphold peace and tolerance in the 2018 elections have grown louder.

The country’s President, Emmerson Mnangagwa has also pledged to ensure, free, fair and peaceful polls.

The ZCC, as part of the “I Pray I Vote” campaign will in March hold a national week of prayer and fasting for peace to prevail throughout the elections.

“Over 1 000 pastors are being trained to help their church members to ensure peace and participate effectively in all stages of the electoral cycle. More and more Christians are taking it upon themselves to pray for these elections. They are also speaking out more about what they hope for from the leaders who will be selected.

“Our message is also to say that your prayer is your blessing and your vote is your secret. This says that God will bless Zimbabwe if Christians pray. It also says that no Zimbabwean should be forced in any way into deciding for or against any candidate or party as a vote is a secret,” said Reverend Mtata.

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