Don’t Remove Vendors From The Streets:Mudzuri

MDC Alliance Acting President, Elias Mudzuri says vendors should not be removed from the streets  and will not be going anywhere until they are employment assurances.

Addressing vendors in Harare yesterday, Mudzuri said vendors are in the streets to earn a living and they will not be removed from the streets until government has an alternative for them.

“I was once a mayor and I understand your concerns as vendors; we will make sure they are addressed. Vendors will not be removed from the streets until the economy has improved and there is an alternative of jobs for you because we understand that jobs are hard to come by and everyone is trying to make ends meet,” he said.

Mudzuri added that vendors should not be too hard on council because government exerts pressure on them to kick them out of the streets and soldiers should not be seen on the streets.

“Do not be too hard on councils, they do not act on their personal will but government puts pressure on them to remove you from the streets.

“I also urge the mayor to have frequent meetings with vendors to address the challenges you face,

“Moving forward we do not want to see soldiers, they should not be seen in the streets taking charge of the situation because it is the council’s job,” he added.

Representing the Mayor of Harare, Councillor Girishoti Mandere said the mayor was not part of the joint statement that was released against vendors.

“The Mayor said he was not part of the joint statement that was released, management is taking instructions from elsewhere and that is what you are supposed to take note of,” said Mandere.

Chairperson of the vendors along Julius Nyerere, Winnet complained about violence and fines that are higher than what they earn from their businesses.

“Many of us now are crippled because of the violence we experience from the council, they are rough and do not return the goods they confiscate from us.

“The $20 fine is ridiculous, we sell goods for less than $3 where do they expect us to get the money from, there are also no records of the fines we pay, we wonder where the money goes and what it generates into,

“We are tired of airing our problems because they fall on deaf ears, please bring us solutions,” she said.

Mudzuri promised to have all the vendors’ problems addressed and urged them to differentiate genuine leaders from fake ones to vote wisely come election time.


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