Vote For MDC-Alliance To End Cholera -Mudzuri

Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-Alliance) says the only solution to ending cholera outbreaks, which have become a common feature in the country over the last few years, is to vote for the party in the 2018 general elections.

    Shorai Murwira and Jeoffrey Ncube

The call was made by MDC-T Acting Vice President, Engineer Elias Mudzuri, after visiting Chegutu residents who were affected by the epidemic, which ravaged the small town recently.

Mudzuri encouraged the electorate to vote for the alliance, led by Morgan Tsvangirai, in the next election so as to usher in a new government that would deal with the challenges facing the people.

“We have come here to witness what happened in Chegutu  we want to assure you that when we get into power, you will never hear about cholera again.

“You tell everyone that President Tsvangirai said he does not want to hear about cholera again hence you have to vote for the MDC alliance.

Mudzuri said he will use his expertise to repair the old leaking pipes, which he said are distributing contaminated water.

“l am an expert ,my engineering is not for politics but by profession so its fortunate that you have me,”he said.

He also urged the party members to unite during the time their party president is under medical attention.

“We want to assure the people that even though our president is not feeling well, his party is still united and we are still calling for other people to come to ,MDC alliance.

“Mnangagwa’s party  (ZanuPF) is a faction and there are different factions like G40 and many more within ZANU PF and for your own information some of them want to join us .

“So we need to know that we are dealing with a dysfunctional government hence the need to unite” he added.

Mudzuri denounced factions with the leading opposition alliance.

“If you have joined any faction you must leave that so that we work together to win the 2018 elections which will in turn bring about employment creation,”


Meanwhile, Chegutu Town Mayor, Leo Gwanzura told Mudzuri that cholera cases have gone up in the town, with 94 cases having been confirmed to date.

“We now have 94 people admitted and among them there is a prison inmate,” said Mayor Gwanzura.

He blamed council water saying it is contaminated hence hazardous to citizens.

“The outbreak is mainly due to poor water supplies and old pipes, which all had to do with the lack of the requisite support from central government.

“The government is suppose to provide five percent of the budget to local authorities but it has not done that, straining the meager and grossly inadequate revenue in the country’s municipalities,” said Mayor Gwanzura.

According to the Ministry of Health and Child Care, five people have died from cholera in Chegutu.

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