Soldiers End Operation, Return to Barracks

The popular operation in Zimbabwe since Independence, ‘Operation Restore Legacy’, which saw the demise of former President Robert Mugabe, has ended after ‘achieving the intended results,’  Defence and Security Services announced on Monday.

Addressing a press conference at the Josiah Magama Tongogara barracks in Harare, Lieutenant General Phillip Valerio Sibanda said Operation Restore Legacy has had wider implications on the political, economic and social activities of Zimbabweans as it ushered a new political dispensation.

“The defence and security services come before you to pronounce the end of operation restore legacy.

“Operation Restore legacy was launched on 13 November 2017 and its main objective was to remove criminals that had surrounded former president resulting in anxiety and despondence among our people,” Sibanda said, “Whilst some people have been accounted for, others skipped the country. This notwithstanding, the objectives of the operation have to a large extent been achieved.”

He added that normalcy has returned to the country following the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe and the inauguration of his successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa as the second commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

“Since the appointment of a new cabinet on 30 November 2017, and the holding of the Extra Ordinary Congress of the ruling Zanu PF party and many other events are now history which we have all been witnesses to.

“As a result of these political developments, normalcy has returned to our country. It is for this reason that as your Defence and Security Services, we announce the end of Operation Restore Legacy’ today, the 18th December 2017,” said Sibanda

He also announced that members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police will be resuming their day to day duties, urging citizens to allow smooth transition.

“On the other hand, the Zimbabwe Republic Police are expected to fully take over their responsibilities and perform according to their constitutional mandate and Client Service Charter,” added Sibanda.

He urged people to shun corruption, abide by the law and focus on working hard for the country calling on citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious objects and individuals to law enforcement agents.

“This is because some of the members of the G40 cabal that had surrounded the former head of state are now bad mouthing the country from foreign lands where their intentions to harm the peace and tranquility that exist in our country have been pronounced,” said Sibanda.




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