Gunshots Fired At Kasukuwere’s Glen Lorne Residence

Self-exiled Minister of Local Government and member of the G40 Cabal, Saviour Kasukuwere has probably left the country amid concerns over his personal security. This is after several gunshots were fired at his luxurious Glen Lorne residence on the wee hours of Wednesday morning soon after the military coup.

263Chat visited Kasukuwere’s house at No:4 Dennys Road in Glen Lorne yesterday to verify some of the unconfirmed rumors of soldiers looting property there. Upon arrival, we did not see any action relating to looting or any fishy activity around the compound. We were only greeted by a locked gate with no security guard to attend to visitors.

However, after a few minutes of scrutinizing the exterior of the compound, we noticed that something sinister might have happened at the residence. Bullet holes were evident right from the zinc gate, with the durawall carrying several bullet holes as well.

Talking to the exiled minister’s neighbors, they denied seeing any military activity around the compound. They also denied seeing any property moving vehicles arriving at the residence.

Questioning one of the house attendants living next to Kasukuwere’s house, she confirmed hearing gunshots at the former minister’s residence in the early morning of Wednesday last week after the events of Zimbabwe Defense Forces’ military takeover on Tuesday.

Clear evidence of 5 bullets fired through the main entrance gate at Kasukuwere’s residence at No:4 Dennys Road in Glen Lorne. A neighbor conformed to us that these gunshots were fired on the early morning hours of Wednesday last week at around 1AM. 
A bullet fired through the far corner part of Kasukuwere’s front end durawall.
A bullet hole is seen here at the middle of Kasukuwere’s front end durawall.


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