Kinnah’s Kushanda Kudya Album Launch Set for Saturday

The Mbare born Zimdancehall star Maligakini Saizi popularly known as Kinnah  is set to launch his third album titled  Kushanda Kudya at Stodart netball complex on Saturday.

The album was supposed to be launched last week but it was postponed due to a match that was supposed to be held at the same venue.

In an Interview with 263Chat his manager Marshal Bimha popular known as Wadis in the music circles said the show is going to be a world class and first of its kind whereby Kinnah is going to be playing a live band.

“We are working on the show to be a world class show because we will perform with a band plus we will be giving our fans free CDs plus Kinnah will perform latest song s from the album Kudya Kuashanda.

“The album has been received by the fans in a good mood after we dropped it last week Thursday on radio and we are going to make sure all our fans all over Zimbabwe get the album” said Wadis.

“We gave this album Kudya Kushanda because we released that for one to have food he must work if there is no working, food will not come by the table” he said.

Kinnah  has became the favorite artist for Mbare residents in the past years because of his relationship with him whereby they all refer him as Mr Mbare.

Triple Sliffer crew,Seh Calaz,Jah Love,Freeman,Killer T among other Zimdancehall artists are going to grace the event.


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