Zanu PF Youths Disrupt Chitungwiza Residents Meeting

Rowdy Zanu PF youths from Chitungwiza on Thursday allegedly disrupted a residents meeting organized by Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CHITREST) to discuss rampant corruption in the town that forced Local Government Minister, Savior Kasukuwere to suspend the Mayor and his councilors.

By Philemon Jambaya

Marvelous Khumalo, CHITREST Director said over 60 Zanu PF youths came and disrupted a meeting that was meant to address issues that affect Chitungwiza including corruption as well as the impact of the recently appointed commission.

“It is so unfortunate that Zanu PF youths decided to disrupt our meeting which was supposed to tackle issues affecting our town, we have since made a police report and we have  been given a reference number which is RRB 3142450 and we will pursue the case tomorrow.” Said Khumalo.

A source who spoke to 263Chat on condition of anonymity alleged that the youths  had been send by the ward 7 councilor, Charamba Mlambo whose commuter omnibus was used to ferry the visibly drunk youths to the meeting venue.

“The youths were given money to buy drugs so that they come and disrupt the meeting, they were given money to mobilize against the meeting, Mlambo’s kombi was used to ferry youths from different wards,” said the source.

When reached for a comment, Mlambo dismissed the allegations that he funded and mobilized youths who disrupted the meeting saying his commuter omnibus was used without his knowledge.

“It is very unfortunate that my kombi was used without my knowledge, my vehicle is always with one of the youths and he ferried people to disrupt the meeting and I have since received a call from the police advising me about the unfortunate circumstances which took place at Chitungwiza Hotel” said Charamba.

According to an internal audit report for Chitungwiza Town Council, Mlambo is among the list of councilors accused of corruption after allegedly acquiring 41 residential stands between 2 July and 3 November 2015.

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