Uhuru Preps On Course

Preparations for the 37th edition of the independence celebrations are well on course, Local government and Urban Development Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere has confirmed.

Members of the defence forces during rehearsals at the National Sports Stadium on Thursday

Speaking after inspecting the traditional venue of the celebrations, the National Sports Stadium, Kasukuwere, who was in the company of Media and Broadcasting Services Minister, Christopher Mushohwe said all was in place for the Uhuru Celebrations which he said come on hard on the heels of a successful Command agriculture program.

“We are pleased with the preparations that are going on and we are ready for the big day, which is the 18th of this month where will be celebrating our independence.

“This year’s celebrations mean a lot to us as we will be celebrating a lot of successes that the government has achieved over the years. We have such successes as the recent Command Agriculture, we have the ZimAsset program, we have seen great successes in the manufacturing sector over the years and we have had successes in the media.

“All these achievements we celebrate them on this day which was made possible by our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who sacrificed their lived during the liberation for us to enjoy the independence in our country. So we urge people from different points in the country to converge and celebrate these achievements that the country has enjoyed over the years,” said Kasukuwere.

He encouraged youths to take part in the celebrations which he said shape the thinking of the young generation.

“Youths must take great pride in the Independence Day Celebrations and have a sense of belonging. This day must remind them that there are thousands of people who sacrificed their lives for them to enjoy the freedom they enjoy today.

Local Government Minister, Savior Kasukuwere chatting with an army official during his visit at the National Sports Stadium, the venue of the Independence celebrations on 18 April

“They can never proceed into the future without the reality that there was sacrifice yesterday. They must celebrate the suffering, the commitment by our long departed heroes which brought about the independence we have,” added Kasukuwere.

However, this year’s celebrations come with little to celebrate for as millions of Zimbabweans are feeling the pinch of a crippling economy.

The country has been facing a liquidity crisis for more than two years which has left more people impoverished and millions have fled to neighboring countries in search of greener pastures.

The Zanu PF government, which has been in power since Independence in 1980, has been blamed for bringing  untold suffering on the country.




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