Grace Does Not Have What It Takes To Lead Zim: Tsenengamu

Expelled ZANU PF youth leader, Godfrey Tsenengamu on Monday castigated First Lady, Grace Mugabe claiming that the President’s wife does not have what it takes to be Zimbabwe’s next leader.

By MoreGiven Sithole

Addressing journalists at a press conference in Harare, the outspoken Tsenengamu warned that ZANU PF might explode sooner or later if Grace continues with her controversial rallies.

“Some of you were complaining about her rally in Buhera, that is her constitutional right,she has freedom of assembly. I would urge those organizing her rallies to make it possible  for the First Lady to address people everyday so that they will know who she is.

‘’Because if she does not address those rallies it will be difficult for us to tell you that she is not Presidential material,to those who are saying everyone to Amai, this is the mother you are asking us to follow,the mother who discusses about the mating of bees before school children and on top of that live on national television,”said Tsenengamu.

On the recent utterances by the First Lady that President Mugabe’s corpse would win the election, Tsenengamu said, ”Of course it is love for her husband, even God tells us to love our partners until death do us apart but God does not mention that we should vote for a dead person because if you are bringing in the issue of dead people we would rather vote for Chairman Chitepo or General Tongo because they are better qualified leaders than she thinks.’’

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