Tough Task For Newly Appointed Indigenisation Board

The newly appointed National Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Board (NIEEB) faces a tough task of streamlining youth empowerment programs into the economy, Minister of Youths, Indigenization and Economic Empowerment, Patrick Zhuwawo has hinted.

Speaking to 263Chat soon after the appointment of the board,  Zhuwawo said the newly appointed NIEEB, which will be chaired by Thandi Nkomo, has a huge task of coming up with various youths programs which are in line with government’s policy of empowering youths while spearheading economic growth.

“The main role of NIEEB is to ensure that government’s policies and objectives of indigenization and economic empowerment are implemented. I will be carryng out an indigenization and empowerment assessment,” Zhuwawo said.

He added that as defined in the Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Act (Chapter 14:33) NIEEB will be mandated to develop a highly competitive, sustainable and industrialized economy benefitting from the country’s endowments including its natural resources.

“Over and above, the board will be required to create equal opportunities for all including gender sensitive ownership and participation in the economy by indigenous Zimbabweans.

“It must also be able to promote equitable access to the wealth of the economy by indigenous Zimbabweans,” Minister reiterated while adding that nurturing and development of skills base for the economic empowerment of Zimbabweans is one of the key areas to be looked at by the board.

“The appointment of the board comes at a time when the ministry of youths has been engaging key stakeholders in the private and public sector to devise frameworks that enable Zimbabwe’s vision of an empowered society and growing economy, said Zhuwawo.

He added that his ministry has embarked on the Zimbabwe Champions and Heroes Economic Empowerment Revolution (ZimCHEER) program that has been identifying, acknowledging and celebrating young entrepreneurs who are contributing to economic growth thereby creating employment opportunities.

The 15 member will be chaired by Thandi Moyo who will be deputised by Rangu Nyamurundira.

Other board members include Brigadier General Evaristo Dzihwema, Dr Judith Kateera, Florence Makombe, Sandra Molai, Agrippa Gava and Rowdy Mabhaudhi.

The Vice Chairperson of the new board, Rangu Nyamurundira said their immediate plan is to implement the framework policies which are already In place.

“One of the things that stand out is the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy for Investment which was conducted by young people themselves as far as how they want to be empowered and where they want their government to then step In and intervene in investing in young people,” said Nyamurundira.

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