President Bemoans Violence Against Women and Children

President Robert Mugabe has expressed concern over escalating cases of violence against women and children, pleading with church leaders and civil society groups to help in the fight against the vice.

The President made the call during his state of the nation address in parliament on Tuesday calling on the church and other players advocating against gender based violence to take a leading role in tackling this scourge.

“I want to implore church leaders and civil society groups to help us in the fight against Gender based Violence as we have a zero tolerance to violence against women and children.

“I also urge the police to take decisive measures against perpetrators of women and children who are the backbone of our economy and future leaders respectively,” President Mugabe said.

He added that his government will not fold hands and watch perpetrators walk scot-free saying punitive measures have been put in place to curb the crime.

President Mugabe said since the attainment of Independence in 1980, government has spoken strongly against gender based violence as evidenced by its commitment to empower women.

“Since 1980 government has introduced programs to empower women socially and economically, and as of now we have put high on the agenda the establishment of micro finance for women and it is the thrust of the government to see it upon itself that funds are available for the bank to be operational,”

The President said in line with the ZIMASSET program, 69 000 housing stands were availed for women and youths and people with disabilities in an  effort to meet the country’s ever increasing demand for housing stands.

He paid tribute to Urban Development Corporation (UDCORP) for facilitating in the building of houses for the marginalized and under privileged in the country.

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