No more GNU, we need free and fair elections: Tsvangirai

Movement for Democratic Change leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has declared that he will never agree to a settlement with Zanu PF saying his party only needs free and fair elections in 2018.

Addressing a star rally at the Zimbabwe grounds in Highfields on Saturday, Tsvangirai said he only need a free and fair election in 2018 not another GNU.

“We will never go to the elections anticipating a Government of National Unity, we only need free and fair elections,” said Tsvangirai to wild cheers from thousands of supporters who defied rainy weather and soaking ground to attend the rally.

Opposition parties in Zimbabwe under the banner of National Electoral Reforms Agenda (NERA), have been campaigning for electoral reforms ahead of the 2018 plebiscite. Their push for reforms have been met with stiff resistance from Zanu PF who maintains that the electoral reforms mantra is a tired opposition song that will not come to pass.

The former Zimbabwe Premier said once elected, his key delivery will be to feed the nation, something he claimed is President Mugabe biggest failure.

He blasted President Mugabe for blaming the sanctions while the country continues to rot in hunger and poverty.

“We all agree that we no longer want this old Mugabe to lead us again. How can we have a leader who starve the people and always blame the sanctions?

“Mugabe is too old to rule and he needs to rest, if he goes then we sit down and see how we can move forward with solving the challenges facing our nation,” he said.

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