5 000 Sanitary Pads for Rural Girls

Young girls in the rural areas are resorting to unthinkable methods of dealing with menstrual cycles as they cannot afford sanitary pads.

By Delicious Mathuthu

Some of these methods range from use of grass, tree leaves and newspapers to cow dung.

Touched by this crude and unhealthy revelation, All About Love Trust Zimbabwe (AALTZ), a local Non-Governmental Organization based in Gweru is targeting to raise more than 5 000 sanitary pads to give to rural girls to alleviate their desperate situation.

Working with other concerned organizations such as Pads Drive based in Harare, Mbereko, Needs Africa Trust, Regina Mundi Leos Club and a few others, AALTZ has so far raised more than a hundred packs since the campaign started.

The organization’s founder and Director Ian Mathole said most girls in the rural areas abscond from school during their menstrual cycles and lose out on lessons.

He said girls are using these methods because they have no resources or means to get sanitary pads.

“After going around and interacting with people, especially in the rural areas, we realized that a lot of girls are not going to school because they don’t have proper sanitary wear.

“Most girls and families in the rural areas don’t have money to buy sanitary pads.

“Things are hard and if they get a dollar they would rather buy food than buy sanitary pads,” said Mathole.

“So we are appealing to individuals and organizations to come on board and join the drive to help see more girls accessing sanitary wear for the betterment of the girl child and the society at large,” he said.

Mathole said targeted areas for the programme include Lower Gweru, Shurugwi and Chiwundura.


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