Mutsvangwa mocks Kasukuwere

Former War Veterans Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa has waded into Zanu PF factional fights mocking Savior Kasukuwere as immature and unintelligent for the position of Party Commissar.

Addressing youths who converged in Harare for the inaugural Youth convention organized by the Youth Affirmative Action of Zimbabwe, the outspoken war veterans’ leader said the current Zanu PF Political Commissar is a bad politician, not good for both the party and the country.

“The problem within Zanu PF is that we have a young person running the show. That young man is just overzealous, he is not wise. The political commissar we have is not intelligent; he is dull and lacks political wisdom.

“I blame this on President Mugabe, maybe it is because he is getting old thus his choice becomes somewhat biased, but he must have never appointed Kasukuwere as the party’s PC,” said Mutsvangwa.

He added that in appointing Kasukuwere as the Political Commissar, President Robert Mugabe was ill advised as he lacks political maturity and tenacity.

Mutsvangwa further stated that Kasukuwere was destroying the party by engaging in factional wars.

“Kasukuwere is doing nothing other spending time trying to look good in the eyes of the so called factional leaders. Instead of strategizing the party and mobilizing the structures within the party, he is entrenched in dirty factional fights which are detrimental to the development and growth of Zanu PF,” claimed Mutsvangwa.

Kasukuwere is alleged to be one of the G40 pillars, a faction in Zanu PF that is opposed to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s bid to succeed President Mugabe.

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