Chinhoyi university student in solo art exhibition

A  student at Chinhoyi University of Technology in the department of Art and Design, Munorweyi Manono will this November hold a three day visual art exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in Mutare to showcase some of his works.

The exhibition to be held under the theme “The Creative Archive” will showcase various art genres of the work covered in his past four years including drawing photography, textile, design printmaking, graphic design and advertisement.

“The theme was selected as it encompasses all the work done during the four year journey l embarked  to find my inner happiness. This is the time when my art meets the art world because I am showing my reflections and feeling about issues happening in society through creative works.

“My art in different media and form is a way of sharing my inner feeling, experiences and expectations, hopefully this exhibition will create dialogue which reminds audience of the importance of art in society,” said Manono.

He added that art has a role to play in today’s life.

“Look at today’s buildings, car painting technology, dance clothes, women hair and spoken word, the world will be empty and boring without art,” said Manono adding that people look down on art yet it can play an important to the growth of any business.

The exhibition will run from 9-11 November 2016, with the exhibition set to be officially opened by the Provincial Administrator for Manicaland Province, Fungai Mbetsa.

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