Prophet turns water into wine, congregants get drunk

Self-styled Prophet Joshua Gambe of Harvest Family International Ministries has left many in shock after he turned water into wine, leaving some of his congregants highly intoxicated during a church service. Gambe prayed for sealed mineral water bottles to turn into wine in the session of demonstrating God’s power.

By Best Masinire

The Kuwadzana Extension based preacher who claims to be a spiritual son to the prominent Nigerian Bro Joshua Iginla of Champions Royal Assembly prayed for sealed bottled water to change into strong stuff and gave it to his congregants.

After a few minutes some of them were lying on the floor, while others were laughing uncontrollably and others started walking lackadaisically.

The man of cloth said he performed the miracle to show people that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

“The whole idea is we are trying to bring back the Jesus of the bible who had a life style of preaching, teaching and performing signs and wonders.

“Remember, the same Jesus said in the book of Mathew that ‘if you believe you will do even greater works than these’,” he said.

One of the congregants, Givemore Mangena who took the “strong stuff”, said it didn’t change its taste but after drinking it he started feeling dizzy.

“The water didn’t change its taste but after drinking it I started losing control of myself and fell down,” he said.

Apostle Gambe added that the miracle  also demonstrated to  people the kind of God he serves, saying that if he can change water into wine he can definitely do more for people.

“This miracle also serves to show people that our God is an all powerful God. If he can change water into wine he can heal your cancer, HIV, Diabetes and change your life.

“I want people also to stop struggling about life because Jesus cares for them- all they need to do is to cast their cares upon him and trust him,” he said

Apostle Joshua Gambe began his ministry in Kuwadzana Extension two years ago and concentrates on Healing, Deliverance, preaching and Prophesy.