The Salvation Army Zimbabwe hailed for philanthropic work

The Salvation Army has been hailed for its continued philanthropic work in helping the need and underprivileged people in the society.

Speaking during celebrations to mark the church’s 125th anniversary of existence in Zimbabwe at the Glamis Arena over the weekend, the Salvation Army Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Brian Peddle said the church sets a good example and is a leading light in philanthropic work.

“I’m humbled to say the Salvation Army has been doing tremendously well when it comes to helping the needy. The church has continued on its trail which was set by our founders, General and William Booth who saw it handy to come up with a church organization which would work for the people.

“It is against this background that I urge all of us to continue doing well. It does not only benefit those that need your help, but their families. As the church’s motto goes ‘where there is need there is the Salvation Army’ we should work towards maintaining that status,” Commissioner Peddle said.

He added that Salvationists should not only help people with material things, but they should provide spiritual help for those that have not received Jesus in their lives,

‘’ I urge you all to pray and turn to God because he provides us with all our needs, the things he offers are all eternity while everything else is vanity.

“Let’s go out there and help one another not only with material possessions but with the word of God and pray,” said Commissioner Peddle while saying there was great need to pray for the country for it to grow.

He also took time to urge the youth to give their lives to Jesus Christ and to always do well even if everyone is condemning God.

Speaking soon after her installation Commissioner Florence Malabi promised to fulfill her duties and to make sure that there is spiritual growth in the Zimbabwe territory.

The 125 years celebrations also coincided with the installation of new Territorial Commanders for Zimbabwe Territory.

Commissioner Joash and Florence Malabi were installed as the new leaders in Zimbabwe replacing Commissioners Henry and Catherine Nyagah who left the country to assume the same post in Kenya.

The new Zimbabwe leaders pledged to keep the good work that was being done by their predecessors.

In her acceptance speech soon after being installed, Commissioner Florence Malabi said her mission is to make sure that there is spiritual growth in the Salvation Army while promising to continue the philanthropic work which the church is synonymous with.

The historic event was graced by thousands of worshippers from across the country while visitors from neighboring Zambia, Angola and Madagascar graced the celebrations.

Meanwhile, the Salvation Army has welcomed a new territory, Madagascar, bringing the number in which the church operates to 128.