We are fully behind our VPs: Amai Mugabe

First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe has barred efforts from a section of senior Zanu PF officials calling for a special congress to advocate for a female Vice president.

Adressing delegates  at Zanu PF Women’s League National Assembly meeting  held in   Harare yesterday, Amai Mugabe who is also  the party’s secretary for women affairs said some senior party officials were reading the amendments to the party constitution as move to boot VP Emmerson Mnangagwa and  VP Phelekezela Mphoko

We had a resolution that at the presidium we have three men …  just to put the record straight, our resolution was misunderstood and misinterpreted.

“The resolution was never meant to remove anyone from the VP post. On this note, I wish to assure both VPs that they have our support ,” said Amai Mugabe dismissing allegations of trying to topple the two VPs.

The First lady who is reportedly fronting G40, a faction within Zanu PF blocking VP Mnangagwa from ascending to the golden throne said some party members were going haywire about the resolution.

“At  the 15th National Annual People’s Conference in Victoria Falls last year, the Women’s League resolved to push for the amendment of the revolutionary party’s constitution to allow for the appointment of a female Vice President..,” she said adding that the resolution that was removed was then reinstated.

Said Amai Mugabe “… we have never advocated for the removal of VP Mnangagwa. We didn’t say that. Did we say the President must remove Mphoko? We didn’t say that and this is clear. That habit of calling for the sacking of these people (VPs) must end because if we do that, we will be dividing the party. Stop it,” Amai Mugabe fumed.

Speaking at the same event President Mugabe said the party will not be divided by  rumours.

“We do not want rumourmongers in our party. That causes division. We are a united party, “said President Mugabe while dismissing the existence of factions in the revolutionary party.

He added that despite the attempts to divide the party, the presidium will continue working together for the good of the country.

“We at the top are united. Whatever people might say, we just continue and continue to do our work. Lots of things have been said about my VPs and we have said let’s do our work and ignore them. Serve the people and that’s it.

“takararama jeri tiri tose tikabuda, kunanaMozambique tiri tose, tikaona independence tiri tose. Muroyi azouya nhasi? “Ndingade kuziva anonzi ndiye muroyi wacho, ndonzi ndiye n’anga yacho ndogoionawo ini,” jokingly said President Mugabe.