Rural folks join the Mugabe must go mantra…

…as #ZimbabweYadzoka makes inroads in Mutare

As public anger over an economic meltdown widely blamed on President Mugabe’s  misrule continue growing, worried Mutare villagers have weighed in saying the 92 year old leader should pave way for a younger and open minded front runner.

Scores of villagers, who spoke to 263chat during the official launch of #ZimbabweYadzoka / #MayibuyeiZimbabwe campaign on Saturday in Mutare, said that they were tired of President Mugabe’s rule.

“Mugabe must go, and if I am to meet him I would like to punch him in the face because I am tired of poverty.

“I have four children and all of them are not going to school since I cannot afford to pay their fees,” said  Netsai Chikuni.

Calls for President Mugabe to resign comes in the wake of a Zanu PF  60% majority win in the 2013 elections. The scramble to topple the ‘democratically’ elected Mugabe have in recent weeks been skyrocketing with opposition parties under the NERA banner pushing for country wide demonstrations.

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The visibly angry Eunice Mukwekwe said she wants Mugabe to step down immediately, arguing that she has never benefited from President Mugabe’s  36 year old rule.

“I am so hurt, my husband is suffering from stroke and I’m compelled to take care of the family. Anything I try to do does not materialise. Mugabe has never helped us, we are dying of hunger,” fumed Mukweke.

Another villager who identified himself as Saunyama echoed the above sentiments saying because of the current status quo, people were languishing in poverty.

“We have suffered in this country because the only effective industry in Zimbabwe is Mugabe and his Zanu PF,”he said.

#ZimbabweYadzoka/MayibuyeiZimbabwe, an offshoot of Tajamuka is yet another movement which has fallen in the brackets of the Mugabe must go syndrome.

Addressing villagers, National Coordinator of the #ZimbabweYadzoka/Mayibuye iZimbabwe movement , Itai Machakaire, said the movement’s only mandate is to remove the ruling party and President Mugabe.

“Zimbabwe Yadzoka/ MayibuyeiZimbabwe aims to bring together people who want  Mugabe to go.

“We welcome everyone, despite political background as long as we have the same objectives,” he said.