Embrace technology for economic development students, farmers urged.

As part of government’s efforts to bring economic development through the use of Information Communications Technologies (ICTs),  students and farmers have been urged to make use of the evolving technological to bring about change.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Acting Director, Research Infrastructure development and Management Mr. Newman Nyamhuri during the official opening of Netone’s base Station in Chiweshe, Information Communications Technology and Courier Services Minister, Supa Mandiwanzira underscored the need for students, especially those in the rural areas, to start equipping themselves with relevant ICT skills so as to bring about development in their areas.

He said through a computerization program that was launched by President Mugabe a few years ago, government has been championing the development of ICTs especially in remote areas.

“Over the years, we have seen how the President has traversed the width and breadth of this country distributing computers, printers and other ICT gadgets to schools and other institutions.

“This has all been to make sure we bring about technological development in rural areas so that they do not leg behind,” said Mandiwanzira.

He lauded Netone for following in government’s footsteps by erecting a base station, in Chiweshe, that is going to make access to the internet easier.

“It is gratifying to note that progressive organizations like Netone are emulating this vision by following suit as evidenced by what we are seeing. They have taken ICTs to rural areas which is really commendable work.

“The onus therefore, is on the students to seize this opportunity and use it to the best of their advantage. The coming on of this base station has many rewards for the students as they can now research online and learn new things as well as keep up with their peers both locally and abroad.,” Mandiwanzira further added.

Turning to farmers, the ICT minister said farmers should grab the opportunity accorded to them by Netone as they can now learn about the ever changing farming methods.

He said for long farmers have been lagging behind in accessing new farming techniques but with the internet now easy to access, they should embrace it and find ways to make good use of it.

“For long, farmers in this area have struggled to realize good grains effectively largely because technology was eluding them.

“Thanks to Netone who answered to our calls to have rural areas empowered technologically, we can be assured of a good harvest because our farmers can learn a thing or two from the internet.

“Chiweshe is well known for its agricultural exploits and benefits of using the internet are bountiful,

Over the years, farming methods have progressed significantly worldwide. Concepts such as drip irrigation are now the in-thing as they have been proved to save water but bringing amazing harvests at the same, so we hope you will use the internet for that purpose ” he said.

Mandiwanzira added that in the face of climate change, farmers need to understand such survival methods.

Acting Director Research Infrastructure development and Management Mr. Newman NyamhuriInformation Communications Technology and Courier Services MinisterSupa Mandiwanzira