Fire Kasukuwere, plead Caledonia residents

Scores of Caledonia residents have called on President Robert Mugabe to immediately fire Local Government Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere over unethical conduct and corrupt activities he displays in Caledonia.

The allegations follow a rift between the state- owned Urban Development Corporation (UDCORP) and housing cooperatives under the Zimbabwe Federation of Cooperatives.

Against a myriad of problems that emanated from the Co-operatives and Property Developers model, the ministry of local government  appointed  UDCORP as a Project manager in Caledonia to carry out the regularisation and sanitation exercise and infrastructure provision.

However, residents feel that that UDCORP is failing to execute its duties which include planning and coordinating urban growth and development. According to the residents, Minister Kasukuwere and UDCORP’s operations in the area must immediately seize.

The residents also complained over the exorbitant development fees the Minister is ‘forcing’ them to pay to UDCORP.

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Taurai Chigudu, said that he was chased from his stand which was later awarded to someone.

“I lost my stand to someone who highlighted that he had purchased the stand from UDCORP.

“Minister Kasukuwere has destroyed everything we had in this area, we were happy before he came and devised mechanisms to take away our money.

The residents also castigated UDCORP over the lack of development in the area.

“Ever since UDCORP took over the Caledonia housing project nothing has improved. No significant development has been made,” said another resident.

Residents revealed that the Zanu PF political Commissar blocks them from chanting party slogans as well as wearing party regalia.

Speaking to 263chat, worried Caledonia residents pleaded with President Mugabe to fire Kasukuwere from the office saying that he is on a mission to destroy the party from within.

A resident who requested anonymity said Kasukuwere has on several occasions barred them from wearing party regalia.

“When Kasukuwere came here to tell us that Urban Development Corporation (UDCORP) was taking over this housing project, everyone who was wearing ZANU PF regalia was arrested and he ordered us not to chant party slogans,” he said.

He went on to narrate how he was arrested and dragged to court for reciting the ruling party’s slogan.

“Right now I have a case pending before the courts, I was arrested for chanting party slogan at one of our housing project gathering,” he said.

Residents whose houses were destroyed earlier this year along airport road also revealed that they have on numerous occasions received threats from ZANU PF political commissar, whom they accuse of fingering Amai Mugabe as the brains behind the demolitions of their homes.

“When our houses were destroyed, minister Kasukuwere told us that Amai Mugabe is responsible for the demolitions of our houses as she wanted world class houses built along the airport road.

Scores of victims of the Airport road demolitions have since relocated to Caledonia and are living under horrible conditions.

Efforts to get a comment from Minister Kasukuwere were fruitless as his mobile phone was not reachable. However Caledonia Management Committee Chairperson, Percy Toriro refuted all allegations levelled against UDCORP.

“UDCORP is just the Project manager, and since we have been assigned this project by minister Kasukuwere, we have made major strides in ensuring that Caledonia is developed.

“We have managed to construct boreholes, and significant progress of the bridge construction with seven of the eight bridges now in use.

“The allegations that were being levelled against UDCORP and the Minister are unfounded, untrue and malicious bent on discrediting the sterling efforts that UDCORP and the ministry are rendering to the beneficiaries of the various settlements in Harare East, South and North,” said Toriro.

A visit to Caledonia has proved that UDCORP which is mandated to encourage and assist local Authorities in terms of Regional Town and Country Planning Act has contrary to its claims failed to develop the area as acute water shortages continue to persist.