Street kids, OVCs empowered

A local private voluntary organisation , Justice Mish Humanitarian Aid (JMHA), is taking bold steps in helping street kids as well as orphans in Harare, Shamva and Chinhoyi.

Lazarus Sauti

The organisation, founded by Prophet Justice Mish of the House of All Nations (HOAN) Christ Church, has embarked on a humanitarian assistance scheme meant to empower street kids and orphans.

In an interview with 263chat, JMHA spokesperson, Abel Mavura, says his organisation had researched and identified the needs of beneficiaries before providing them with food and clothing materials.

“We carried our research and identified that some street kids and OVCs in Harare, Chinhoyi and Shamva are living in abject poverty due to circumstances beyond their control,” he says.

“This triggered JMHA not to hide its head in the sand, but to help the needy, especially street children and orphans to lift them from abject poverty.”

Mavura adds that the aim is not only to empower street kids and orphans, but to please God.

“Hebrews 13:16 encourages us not to neglect to do good. It also urges us to share what we have for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

“When the Bible talks about helping the needy and pleasing God, we have to act as it is important,” he says.

Mavura also says the mandate of the church is to be the salt of the Earth and the House of All Nations, therefore, is simply fulfilling this obligation.

He adds that in line with Prophet Mish’s vision to empower streets kids and OVCs in the country, JMHA will be adopting some street kids as well rehabilitating them.

“Death of parents, poverty and family breakdown are some of the factors pushing many children onto the streets.

“Sadly, these children fall prey to people who exploit them.

“Hence our objective to assist some of them, especially those with potential, with school fees as well as provide medication to those in need,” Mavura says.

He also stresses that children need to grow within a community and that the involvement of the community is vital in helping the traumatised children to regain their confidence.

The Justice Mish Humanitarian Aid project started in 2014 in response to the increasing numbers of street children and orphans in the country. More than 50 street kids in Harare and Chinhoyi have so far benefitted from this programme.

The organisation also donated some goodies in Shamva recently to orphans and other vulnerable children.