Zim can end HIV/AIDS by 2030

Zimbabwe is on the right track in attaining zero new HIV/AIDS infections by the year 2030, a senior government official has said.

Addressing delegates at a dialogue on Ending AIDS ahead of the 5th Replenishment of the Global Fund In capital , Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care ,Dr Aldrin Musiiwa said through targeting the right population , Zimbabwe can achieve its target of realizing zero HIV/AIDS infections.

The dialogue was hosted by the Canadian Embassy in Zimbabwe and United Nations AIDS (UNAIDS).

“As government, we are committed to seeing this pandemic come to end and it is very possible that by 2030, we will have an HIV free generation.

“However, this only achievable if we target the right population such as the sex workers, women and youths. Once that has been done, we can be assured of achieving our mandate, said Dr Musiiwa.

He said Zimbabwe realizes the importance and value of supporting the fund which since its inception has awarded the country more than US$1,5 billion to fight HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Dr Musiiwa said the grants have contributed significantly towards Zimbabwe’s aspirations for better health not only through the three disease areas but also by helping strengthen the country’s health system.

In 2012, which was the last replenishment, Zimbabwe also committed US$1 million to the fund and subsequently met its obligation.

Canadian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Kumar Gupta, whose country will host the 5th replenishment meeting, said the global fund has made a significant investment to end AIDS, Malaria and TB in Zimbabwe.

“Canada has increased its allocation to the fund by 20% and I hope other countries follow suit so that ending AIDS can become a reality for Zimbabwe and other deeply affected countries.