Zanu PF won’t be pressured into an early election: Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe said the Zanu PF government will not be pressured into an early election .

Addressing central committee members at party headquarters, President Mugabe said the growing civil unrest  which is being spearheaded by opposition parties is aimed at forcing the country into an early election.

“For the benefit of the doubt let me reiterate that elections in Zimbabwe are a whole mark of democracy. All elections we have held before follow the dictates of the constitution.

“So we wait for elections vari kudzityirei havachada ma elections zvakare, zvinonzi iyezvino hurumende ikapustika todzokera kuya kwainakidza 2008 kwe GNU  aiwa hazvichaitika baba iwe zvakapera Tsvangirai.

“The electoral process are accountable to our own people who are entitled to vote for parties of their choice. When the people decide on who should govern them so be it. There is no reason to believe that the 2018 elections should be regarded as different. We will go to elections the same way like before.

He said opposition parties have rallied under the umbrella of  National Electoral Reforms Agenda (Nera) to put pressure on the country to go for an early election.

“We have seen how the MDC has joined hands with recently created political groups  under Nera calling for the tightening of  illegal sanctions on us which they believe are going to hurt the economy  so that the country goes for an early election.

“The banner of Nera which the opposition and their sponsors have used as pretext to resort to violent demonstrations is quite clearly a smoke screen for their real intentions. They want to avoid going into the general elections in 2018 by creating a false electoral crisis. This they believe will compel our people to rise against Zanu PF and the Zanu government,” said President Mugabe.

President Mugabe vowed that outsiders will not be tolerated in the Zimbabwean political matrix.

They (opposition) are calling for outsiders, a call for outsiders that does not seem to come to an end. Vana Tsvangirai still think they is room for outsiders here to come and rescue them.

Turning to demonstrations, the 92 year old leader said, “The MDC has adopted a policy of violence, all their demos have turned violent. They are now playing a dangerous game in which they are now targeting rural areas. Instability is not tolerated.

“The demonstrations we have witnessed in the last few weeks were not by accident but were choreographed and launched in the mistaken believe that time was ripe for a popular uprising against government. That is the belief on which the MDC and its partners are operating on. But let them be warned that our patience has got limits.”

He said government will take action against parties that perpetrate violence.

Mugabe who is also the ruling party’s first secretary said the economy which  has been resilient to the western imposed sanctions is now at its worst stage.

“I think the sanctions have got to a stage where one can say they are at their  worst  and things cannot be worse that they are. But it can only get better if we all put our shoulders together to work together.