Do not abuse social media rural folks told

Government has reiterated its call against the abuse of the social media as it plans to curb the growing scourge which has resulted in some ‘rogue elements’  inciting violence.

Addressing villagers at Kagande Primary School in Mutoko, during the official opening of a Netone base station, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly who is also the Mutoko North Legislator, Mable Chinomona warned villagers against abusing the internet as it can lead to them getting arrested.

She said “We are grateful to Netone for bringing this innovative technology to this area. We have known for a long time that people in the rural areas are the most well behaved and most ethical.

“Let this trend not stop because now you have access to the internet. Let me warn you, government is doing its best to deal with those that abuse the internet and we will not spare you as well. If you abuse the social media, you will be locked up,” said Chinomona.

She added it is important for villagers to stay in their lane and desist from sending or manufacturing messages that incite violence or insult the authority of the president and the first family.

“We are having an increase in the number of cases where people are abusing the cyber space by inciting violence, that is wrong and the long arm of the law will  descend on all violators,” warned the Mutoko North lawmaker.

She urged the locals to start using the opportunity accorded to them by Netone to start being innovative and do projects which are in line with government’s ZIMASSET program so as to develop the country technologically.

Her sentiments were echoed by Mrs Georgina Chingonzo, who is the Director of Policy Co-ordination, Development and e-Government in the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services, who was the guest of honor at the official opening.

Mrs Chingonzo said government is crafting the Cyber Crime Bill which, upon enactment, will see an end to social media abuse as perpetrators will be brought before the courts.

She urged the locals to start embracing technology for economic growth and take the first step in the technological industry.

“We would like to thank Netone for such an innovative step of bringing the internet in these peripherals.  They are championing access to ICTs.

“It is up to you to start using this chance to your benefit, embrace e-banking systems and use it to be informed on the climate so that you are aware of the weather as we head towards the rain season,” Mrs Chingonzo encouraged.

Netone is celebrating 20 years of existence having started operating in 1996 as the country’s sole mobile communications operator.

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