‘Mugabe to leave office before elections’

Mugabe will be out of office before the 2018 elections, says Apostle Joshua Gambe of Harvest Family international Ministries.

Own correspondent

Gambe who submits to Nigerian Bro Joshua Iginla of Champions Royal Assembly, said this during his church service on Sunday while commenting on the current political, socioeconomic unrest the country is experiencing.

“I’m not trying to be political or controversial but the Lord is showing me our dear president leaving office before the 2018 elections.”

“Neither am I against the president; in actual fact  he was divinely appointed to be the president of this country.

“This nation experienced a lot of good things while he was in office. Talk of our education, his zero tolerance to homosexuality, his black empowerment stance, to mention but a few,” he said.

The rising man of cloth assured his congregants of greener pastures to come, adding that the current challenges the country is facing will not be solved by the elections.

“As opposed to what many people are thinking or hoping for, our situation will not be solved by the elections.

“These fights and hard times our people are facing will soon be a thing of the past as things will be okay before the elections,” he added.

The Kuwadzana Extension based man of cloth however encouraged Christians around the country irrespective of the denomination they go to, to pray fervently for the nation against political violence.

“Evil can only prevail when good people do nothing about it; it is our role or priestly duty as Christians to pray for the nation and our leaders.

“Let us not allow evil to get the best of us while sitting and watching. We need to use the power of the Holy Spirit we have in Christ, and the power in the name of Jesus to change the destiny of this country,” he said.

Apostle Gambe`s Harvest Family International Ministries was formed two years ago in Kuwadzana Extension and is about deliverance, healing and prophecy.

He has been prophesying to his congregants about their personal lives, the nation and the region at large.

Just recently before the Zambian elections, apostle Gambe prophesied about President Edgar Lungu’s Victory.