Chipinge youths embarrass Zanu PF councilor

A Zanu PF Councilor for ward 26 in Chipinge, Misheck Busangavanye was on Saturday left with an egg on the face after youths attending a poultry production workshop at Chisumbanje Primary thwarted his efforts to hijack the program.

By Own Correspondent

More than one hundred youths attending Indigenous Poultry production training resisted Busangavanye’s  attempt to hijack the workshop saying it had nothing to do with partisan politics but their livelihood.


Wedzerai Gwenzi who was part of workshop said youths who were in attendance openly told Busangavanye that the project was meant to benefit every young person regardless of political affiliation.
Gwenzi added that sensing that his plan had not yielded results, Busangavanye tried to rally state security apparatus to stop the workshop by lying that it was a political party meeting but that did not work.
“I am shocked that a community leader at the level of a ward councilor is intolerant to accommodate projects meant to benefit the community” said Gwenzi.
Gwenzi’s views were echoed by the Director of Platform for Youth Development, Claris Madhuku who reiterated that he is not bemused by the behavior exhibited by ZANU PF politicians as they have always been against development and empowerment of youths whom they want to remain impoverished so that they can manipulate them come elections time.
“We have been struggling to convince most people aligned to ZANU PF for them to understand that community projects are more successful if they are free from partisan politics and interference.
“I want to applaud the young people who were at the workshop for protecting the project against malice and narrow partisan politics .I am encouraged that young people in Chipinge are beginning to heed the message of shunning politics in favor of Sustainable community development,” said Madhuku.
The training workshop attracted participants from all the six wards of Chipinge South constituency as well as other professionals including teachers, nurses and Agriculture and Rural Extension (AREX) Officers.
The workshop was part of the series of training workshops lined up for the community through the leadership of Platform for Youth Development (PYD). PYD has realized that young people who are the majority of the poor in communities would need to invest in sustainable agriculture to fight poverty.
The combative youth grouping famous for taking Green Fuel head on, has successfully worked to transform the livelihood of many young people who are engaging is sustainable agriculture including backyard gardening, chicken rearing and fish harvesting.