MDC-T rolls out #My Zimbabwe campaign.

The Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement for Democrat Change (MDC-T) Youth Assembly yesterday launched #My Zimbabwe campaign which it says is a final push to force the Zanu PF led government to vacate office amid failed leadership.

Addressing the party’s youths who attended the launch, MDC-T youth secretary general Happymore Chidziva called on youths to take action against the ‘failed Mugabe led regime’ saying, just like the days of the liberation struggle, the opposition youths are ready to fight and save the country which is at the mercy of President Mugabe and his idle Ministers.

“The reason I stand here today is not to help bury the remains of this great nation but to declare that we will never stand idle and let the old die with our future like they did during the liberation struggle, we shall also in present day. We are here to save Our Zimbabwe.

I stand here to speak to you on this historic day as young people who are not prepared to bury the remains of the once great nation of Zimbabwe owing to poor leadership, pure selfishness and an old leadership worried about power than prosperity, “he said

“Today we witness three decades of what should have been an era of prosperity, liberty and freedom anchored on respect, dignity and human rights. The dream of Independence has been squandered through greedy and corruption. The nation is sick, troubled and confusion is everywhere.

“We are a nation not just a nation but a miserable nation,” Chidziva added.

The MDC-T youth leader said more than 20 000 people lost their jobs while those that are still employed are not getting their salaries.

He accused the Zanu PF system of dehumanizing the people and stripping the masses of a sense of empathy decency, kindness and greatness.

Chidziva said “We as MDC-T youths today bring in an action plan of liberating our mother land from the jaws of tyranny. From a government that sees fit to purchase luxurious ministerial cars for over 40 million dollars, spending money on travel and subsistence for Mugabe and his henchmen to endless and nonsensical trips around the globe when hospitals have no drugs just to attend a dance festival in India or collect a grandson in Singapore, our wallets are robbed,”

The youthful politician took time to explain the  reason why they came up with the campaign and revealed that the #MyZimbabwe “Is an opportunity for any Zimbabwean  regardless of political affiliation to come and make their voice count to tell those who stay in fancy hotels  we are tired.

Let us fight for the full realization of the aspirations for which the liberations struggle was waged. I have confidence that all of us taking the duty we shall defend our future,” Chidziva said.

The #MyZimbabwe campaign follows in the footsteps of many other campaigns which are meant to put pressure on President Mugabe’s Government to resign or face the wrath of an angry citizenry.

With campaigns like #tajamuka, #thisflag the Zanu PF government must be feeling the heat but it seems not to buckle under pressure.