Gvt cracks whip on ‘cyber bullies’

Government has threatened to come hard on rogue elements who abuse the cyber space to commit crimes and will take legal recourse if cyber bullying does not end, a senior government official has said.
Addressing journalists in the capital, Minister of Information, Media and Broadcast Services Dr Chris Mushohwe warned that government is ready to deal with rogue elements who are in the habit of abusing the cyber space to commit heinous crimes such as insulting the President and the first family a move he likened to treason.
“Government has made it clear that it is closely watching and monitoring the activities of these subversive elements who in the majority of cases are fronted by political parties and movements operating both inside and outside the country.
“These elements who include the so called #Tajamuka and #Thisflag have been generating and circulating messages which are clearly subversive and to the constitutional order and the peace,” said Dr Mushohwe.
He added that the activities of such elements have been coordinated with disgruntled elements in the diaspora.
Dr Mushohwe could not resist linking the so called cyber terrorists to exiled Cleric, Pastor Evan Mawarire who called for a stay away last month through videos on WhatsApp.
Dr Mushohwe said, “The link between these elements and the intelligence services of hostile nations is now well known.
“One such character, Evan Mawarire, has since shown his true colors and is now where he truly belongs, namely in the arms of his handlers,” said Mushohwe while adding that Zimbabweans should  stay away from associating themselves with such programs and activities that fall outside the law and legal political activities.
He revealed that government is aware of activists in the country who are collaborating with the diaspora cyber-terrorists and warned that the long arm of the law is slowly encircling them.