Chihuri commends police force

Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Dr Augustine Chihuri has commended the police force for continuing to excel on the international front and being ambassadors of the country at a time Zimbabwe is being shamed by the Western countries.

He made the remarks while welcoming the South Sudan and Liberia contingents who had gone on a United Nations (UN) Peace Keeping mission in the war tone countries. He lauded the returning police officers as true ambassadors of the country who continue to be flag bearers on international assignments.

Commissioner Chihuri said “I would like to applaud our officers for consistently rising to expectations and performing their duties with distinction and outstanding professionalism.

“The excellent pattern of good work is quite inspirational and it shows that our officers have been faithful stewards of the faith, trust and confidence reposed upon them by the organization and the country at large,”

He added that it is pleasing that they remained faithful to the mandate and terms of reference conferred upon them, just as did their predecessors.

The police boss said that peacekeeping should continue to be upheld both locally and internationally and the ZRP will do everything tom safeguard the citizens of both locals and those in the war tone countries

“We will continue to support and have our officers serving on these international peacekeeping missions so that lives are not lost. War is destructive and it creates vacuums which in turn cause massive looting and loss of natural resources just as is happening in Liberia and Sudan,” Commissioner Chihuri added.

He urged Zimbabweans to remain peaceful and not engage in violent demonstrations which leave a destructive trail.

He called upon the police force to be on the lookout for rogue elements who want to see instability in the country and warned that the police would do whatever it takes to have violent people clamped down.

Of the returning contingent, five officers were based in the Darfur region in Sudan while eight were based in the Liberian Capital, Monrovia.

Meanwhile, one officer will be leaving for peacekeeping duties in South Sudan.

Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic PoliceDr Augustine Chihuri