Tajamuka in Beitbridge again

Tajamuka, a pressure group calling for government to address rampant corruption as well as maladministration has for the second time mobilized citizens in Beitbridge to take action against the ‘corrupt’ power bloc.

Addressing citizens at South Africa Border Post, Tajamuka spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi said citizens should take action against Zanu PF business people, whom he said were riding on the already overburdened  citizens.

“We have a problem where some government officials who own businesses in Zimbabwe felt like competition was getting stiffer and they sought to neutralize the general publics’ businesses by introducing Statutory Instrument 64 (2016).

“They did this so that only their businesses would benefit because they know this Statutory Instrument does not apply to them and they want to ride on that. We say that is enough and we want to protest against that,” said the youthful activist.

He added that there is need for all citizens to voice out against this move as it affects them directly in their day to day lives.

“If we do not speak out, if we do not go hard on these corrupt government officials, we will all starve and we will all languish in poverty. So there is need to speak with one united voice so that they see we mean business,” Mkwananzi said while emphasizing the need for unity in executing  protests.

He urged people in the border town to make a collective effort in trying to bring change to their lives and the future of their children.

The protests come on the back end of series of other protests that have been going on in the country as citizens have been calling for the Zanu PF led government to address socio-economic issues which have led to a shrinking economy and acute cash shortages.