Refrain from politics, churches told

Churches should refrain from blending with political business of the country and stick to preaching the gospel of salvation to lost souls, President Robert Mugabe has said.

In his keynote address during his meeting with War Veterans on Wednesday, President said churches have no business in as far as the politics of the country is concerned.

He said “We have modern day churches which are robbing people of their hard earned cash. They lure you with sweet words and convince you to join them while they promise you Salvation.

“You leave your conventional churches ,which give you a clear direction, for these mushrooming Pentecostal churches, well you can go but be wary of them because they will mislead you,” said President Mugabe  adding that some government officials are also seen flocking and frequenting these churches.

He said modern day preachers are now intending to interfere with day to day politics a move he described as nonsensical.

For the second time in less than a week, President Mugabe took a swipe at the leader of the #thisflag campaign, Pastor Evan Mawarire who called for a national shutdown earlier this month.

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“I want to warn Mawarire and his colleagues. Keep to your religious side and concentrate on the bible.

“Zanu will not tolerate any nonsense, once you begin to interfere with politics you are courting trouble,” fumed Mugabe while boasting that he knows “how to deal with his enemies”.

He added that the ruling party has the system to defend the country’s hard won freedom.

The first secretary of Zanu PF said the clergyman is being used by the Western countries in order to bring regime change. He  also warned foreign embassies that are intervening with the country’s politics to desist from doing such.

However, Mawarire is not the only clergyman who has come hard on the nonagenarian.

During the Zanu PF’s Annual congress, Remnant Church senior Pastor Patrick Philip Mugadza, was arrested for contravening Section 46 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 after he staged a one man demonstration against President Robert.