War vets back Mutsvangwa

As the purge within Zanu PF continues with Chris Mutsvangwa being the latest victim, war veterans have thrown their weight on the axed  Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veteran’s Association boss saying he is the only legitimate leader they recognize.

This came out during a War Veterans National Executive Committee meeting held in the capital today with the liberation fighters unanimously agreeing  that they would stand by Mutsvangwa, who was recently booted out of ZANU PF on allegations of undermining the authority of the President , gross misconduct among other allegations.

ZNLWVA Secretary General Victor Matemadanda said it is baffling that every Chairperson who has led the association has been found on the wrong side by the ruling party ZANU PF.

“We do not know why all our leaders are accused of different offences, we have had Cde Hunzvi and Jabulani Sibanda being expelled from the both the party and the association over unruly issues.

“We have been too quiet and we have allowed the party to dictate to us who should lead us but now we are saying enough is enough, we are sticking with Cde Mutsvangwa because we believe he has done nothing wrong,” said Matemadanda while adding that Mutsvangwa is a victim of cheap politics from those in the top echelons of power.

Matemadanda took a swipe at Zanu PF which he accused of misplaced priorities and bemoaned the level of corruption both in the party and government

“There is too much corruption in Zanu PF, we have ministers who are very corrupt but they are not brought before the courts for trial.

“There are known corrupt officials who today enjoy the liberty of driving  posh cars at the expense of the suffering masses. That is just immoral,” he said.

He added that the disbursement of stands by Zanu PF to its youth wing was a noble idea but said it will not be long before  stories of illegal acquisition by top political figures  surface.

The Association  spokesperson, Vincent Mahiya echoed the above sentiments saying  “we elected Mutsvangwa as our leader in Masvingo and now we are being told he has been expelled, no one else has the prerogative to expel him other than us who voted for him,” fumed Mahiya.

He added that the association’s chairperson was expelled without trial which he said was unconstitutional.

Mahiya bemoaned the selective application of law in the ruling party citing the case of Sarah Mahoka, whom he said was pardoned after violating party principles.

“Just a while ago, Sarah Mahoka was in trouble but some people in power defended her vachiti zvakapera (saying its over) but Mutsvangwa has just been expelled,

“Law is being applied differently, kweava zvinonzwai asi kune ava zvinonzwai. This is a sign of double standards being shown by our party,” fumed Mahiya.