Mugabe blasts Pastor Evan

President Mugabe has castigated  leader of the #Thisflag campaign, Pastor Evan Mawarire labelling him as an agent of western imperialism.

Addressing mourners at the burial of former Chief Secretary in the office of the president and cabinet Mr. Charles Utete who died last week Friday, President Mugabe said Pastor Evan was being sponsored by western forces who are pushing for regime change in the country.

“The Mawarires, I don’t even know him, and those that believe in his way of living are not part of us in thinking, they are not part us as we try to live together.

“If they don’t want to live with us they should go to those countries that are sponsoring them. We will say no forever. If you are a pastor find another environment, I don’t know if Mawarire is a man of God,” said Mugabe.

The president went on to say people should be wary of people like Pastor Evan Mawarire as their deeds are questionable.

“Not all of them preach the word of the bible, I don’t know if they serve God, well we spell God G.O.D but they spell in reverse,” Mugabe said adding that according to 1st Corinthians the bible talks about loving one another but Pastor Mawarire is speaking differently.

“We must love one another not destroy one another, let’s work together to build our great country,” concluded President Mugabe.