MDC-T supporters delighted as Tsvangirai bounces back

The MDC-T supporters said they were dazed by return of their leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who was on a sabbatical due to poor health.

Tsvangirai revealed that he was suffering from cancer of the colony and was undergoing chemotherapy in South Africa.

“I’m happy to see you again in this spirit and I can assure you that I’m ok. Let’s continue with this fight, be well,” declared Tsvangirai before rushing into a closed door meeting with party executive.

The MDC-T supporters registered their enthusiasm over the return of their leader whom they described as a pillar to the party.

“We are very happy that our president is back and he brings fresh ideas to the party in a bid to oust this failed regime (ZANU PF), we want him to show us the way forward, we were eagerly waiting for him,” said Stewart Manyika.

Another MDC-T supporter, Happiness Mawise said “Now that the president is back, we are going to continue our fight, we are going to continue the struggle until we win.”

“We are relieved that the leader is back and we have renewed hope that he is going to keep government on its toes so that it addresses the concerns of the people,” said another staunch MDC-T supporter who identified herself as Nonoza.

The MDC-T leader  bounced back  a time when the country is faced with a myriad of problems, chief among them a shrinking economy and several protests by citizens who have been calling on the government to address such challenges.

It remains to be seen whether the return of Tsvangirai will bring a breath of new life to the country’s main opposition party which analysts say is on its death bed.