Mandiwanzira warns against social media abuse

MUTARE-Minister of Postal, Courier Services, Supa Mandiwanzira has thrown his weight behind telecoms regulatory authority for slamming social media abuse.

Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) recently warned subscribers against abuse of social media amid increased use of social platforms to organise public protests.

Mandiwanzira said the laws of the nation were clear and all warning by POTRAZ was in line with its mandate to regulate the sector.

His remarks come in the wake of a recently held campaign budded the national shutdown on Wednesday, widely seen as a success as the whole country ground to halt.

This has seen a mushrooming of social media messages calling for protesters to march to the State House in protest against ZANU PF misrule.

He said the laws regarding the use of such platforms were very clear, on the boundaries available to individual subscribers without violation of the laws.

“The law is very clear that no one can use any telecommunications platform to send abusive material, hate speech, pornographic material or any such material prohibited at law.

“Zimbabweans should be careful when forwarding or sending out message through platforms such as Whatsapp to incite social unrest,” he said.

Mandiwanzira said the long arm of the law will get those who violate their subscriptions terms and conditions by participating in criminal use of mobile platforms.

“There are few of us who take such platforms as places where they can send their abusive messages, they are threatening to spoil a good product which have been protecting and has obviously benefitted people.

“So as a Ministry we applaud POTRAZ for taking this proactive stance to inform all those that are abusing the social platforms or may be tempted to misuse that they will be arrested and the law will take its course,” he said.