I’m aware of your secret meetings Mugabe tells Mujuru, Tsvangirai

President Mugabe revealed that Zim People First leader, Joice Mujuru and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai have been meeting secretly in South Africa  where they are in private coalition talks.

He was speaking at a Zanu PF rally on Friday night in Bindura where he said the two opposition leaders have been holding secret meetings in South Africa as they plan a coalition that will contest in the 2018 elections.

“We have evidence that our former  Vice President Joice Mujuru and Mr Tsvangirai have been holding closed door meetings in South Africa in a bid to topple the people’s party, ZANU PF.

“They thought going to South Africa would cover they trails, but we will shame them. Why can’t they do it openly, are they scared of facing us?” queried Mugabe.

He added that the secret service was watching them and promised to shame the two opposition leaders once the  investigations are done.

He urged all those who want to take ZANU PF down,  to wait for the 2018 elections and let people speak through the ballot.

“If anyone of you here wants to fight me and ZANU PF, let’s do it in 2018 when we go  for elections, but I can assure you that no opposition is strong enough to take us down,” bragged the ZANU PF first secretary.

Meanwhile, the president sent a warning to ZANU PF members who are working to destroy the party from within.

“We have weevils in our midst, they are trying to cause havoc in the party and want to destroy it but let me send a warning to them, we will crush them, we do not accept such behavior in the revolutionary party,” President Mugabe said.

There have been growing concerns over cracks within the ruling party which  forced President Mugabe to go on a province to province tour to try and  mend the waning  unity within the party.