Cash crisis crippling health sector

Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr David Parirenyatwa said that cash crisis which has hard hit the country is a threat to the health sector.

Speaking during the graduation of 26 pharmacy technicians which was held at Parirenyatwa Hospital last Friday, Dr Parirenyatwa said that the current wave of cash shortages being experienced in the country is threatening the department of health as signalled by the unavailability of medicine.

“The current cash problems which the country is experiencing  is becoming hazard to the health sector,” he said.

Minister Parirenyatwa also said government should make efforts to unfreeze posts in the health sector citing the  sector as the most important  in the country.

“Government should liberate health sector posts because it is the most important sector in the country as it serves the lives of the people,” said Parirenyatwa

He added that the ministry is fighting to decentralize apparatus to other hospitals which are out of the capital city to improve health facilities in remote areas.

“We are now targeting hospitals in remote areas so that we improve health facilities all over the country,” he said.

Minister Parirenyatwa said that there are 365 pharmacy technician posts in the country. He said there is need to increase the number.

“Currently we have 365 pharmacy technicians’ posts in the country, we are targeting to increase it to more than 1000,” he said.