Passenger Association blast kombi drivers

The Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) blasted Kombi drivers for recklessly driving saying such  unwarranted behaviour is the main cause of the menace on the streets of Harare.

This follows a demonstration staged by Girls High School  (GHS) students and teachers after the death of a pupil who was hit by a kombi.

In a statement, the association’s president, Tafadzwa Goliati said Kombi drivers should follow the laws on the road to avoid the loss of innocent souls.

“We are saying Kombi drivers should abide by the laws of the country when driving. We have lost lives unnecessarily because of the highest level of negligent driving exhibited by these drivers.

“Kombi operators and crews must learn to obey the laws of the country. If they continue to act as if they are the law themselves then the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure development, law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, Harare municipality and other councils must act together and put  a leash on them in order to put them down” reads part of the statement.

Goliati said council must make sure that undesignated bus stops popularly known as mushikashika are scrapped as they are fuelling these hit and runs.

“We urge council to do away with the bus terminus at corner Leopold Takawira and Park Street.

That place does not have ablution facilities to accommodate those kombi crews. Apart from causing death, they are polluting the area with human waste,” he added.

On Tuesday students from both Girls High School and Queen Elizabeth School held a demonstration calling for the immediate removal of Kombis from the schools’ gates.

The demonstration also served as a memorial for Jocelyn Gomba.