No election rigging in Zim: Magaya

Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder, Walter Magaya yesterday claimed that elections in the country have never been rigged and have always been held under a free and fair environment.

Addressing journalists, Magaya said that Zanu PF has never rigged elections citing that elections in Zimbabwe have always been held in accordance with electoral regulations.

“There has  always been free and fair in elections, I have never known of elections being rigged in Zimbabwe,” said Magaya adding that people should not focus on factional fights within some political parties as such fights are normal.

When asked the reasons why Zimbabwean prophets are distancing themselves from political issues contrary to what biblical prophets used to do, he said that government does not allow the church to mingle in national political issues.


Magaya also urged government to seek political advice from prophets saying that politics is rooted in the church.

“Government should seek prophetic voice because politics begins from the church,” he said adding that biblically political leaders used to seek advice from prophets.

He also said  that Zimbabwe is the only nation that does not award prophets a chance to speak and advice political leaders on national issues.

Commenting on bond notes, Magaya said that  bond notes will solve the cash crisis currently prevailing in the country. He however bemoaned the method used in announcing the coming of bond notes.

“I do not see anything wrong with bond notes, they are going to serve as a solution to  the cash crisis we are facing,” Magaya said.


He also armour-plated the fact that Zimbabwe needs foreign direct investment  to save the country’s sinking economy.

“If we do not seek assistance to harnessing the economy, I tell you surely the economy is never going to recover,” said Magaya.

The PHD leader  also urged government to fully utilise available  resources in order  to address food shortages in the country.