Million-man march testifies Mugabe’s support

Despite attacks from opposition parties, political analysts and the general public, the massive turnout at the million man march yesterday proved that majority of Zimbabweans approve of President Mugabe’s leadership despite the economic challenges faced by the country.

Thousands of people from the country’s ten provinces convened at Robert Mugabe Square after marching from various points in the country’s capital Harare.

The million-man march, was organised by Zanu PF youths to celebrate President Mugabe’s legacy.

In an interview with 263chat, scores of Zanu PF supporters who marched in solidarity with President Mugabe’s leadership confirmed loyalty to the country’s nonagenarian leader.

”I am came from Matebeleland East to march together with other Zanu PF members in support of President Mugabe who is also an African icon,” said Thulani Zungu. She said that President Mugabe has Zimbabweans at heart but the western imposed sanctions were hindering economic development.

She added that  she was very happy to be party of the march.


Another Zanu PF youth member echoed the above sentiments saying  the number of youths who convened for the march testifies that President Mugabe is still popular amongst the people of Zimbabwe.

“We are very happy to be here and 45 buses came from Matebelaland  North to show that we are in full support of our president, who is still the country’s favourite leader,” he said.

Vice chairman of the Matebeleland South Province said that  youths from his province are in full support of President Mugabe.

“Youths from Matebeleland are in full support of Mugabe so we are here to show him (President) that we are behind him,” he said

Central committee member for Bulawayo province, Emmanuel Kanyemba applauded Zanu PF members who managed to attend the event, which coincided with Africa Day .

“I am here to support the youths to march in solidarity with the President as well as celebrating the African day,” he said.

He added that the march confirmed that President Mugabe is an African icon.

Speaking to the Herald, Sport and Recreation Minister and Mberengwa East legislator Cde Makhosini Hlongwane said the event was historical.

“This is an epochal event in terms of the history of the party and the history of the youths in the country. The youths have finally been able to turn the important exuberant and ebullient energy they have into support not just for our iconic leader, President Mugabe but the iconic figure for the entire continent. So this is not a small thing”

“It is an important celebration that speaks to the importance of this great founding father of Zimbabwe, this great founding father of Africa and celebrating the works that he has done over many years of his life,” he said.

Meanwhile opposition parties described the march as a waste of resources.