Live Updates: Million-man march

We are here at Robert Mugabe Square covering Zanu PF’s million-man march.

Part of the crowd at the million-man march
million-man march unites lacoste, G40

12:50. Soul Jah Love entertaining thousands of Zanu PF supporters gathered here at Robert Mugabe Square. Meanwhile President Mugabe has not yet arrived.

Vendors forced to attend the million-man march

Earlier today we went to  Mbare where Informal traders  were  forced to close shops and flea markets  to attend the one million -man march.

13:00 President Mugabe is here and is mingling among thousands of Zanu PF supporters gathered here at Robert Mugabe Square.

13:10. Zanu PF youth league national secretary for commissariat Innocent Hamandishe introducing delegates here at the million man march.

13:35. ZANU PF Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs Kudzai Chipanga takes it to the podium, introducing senior government and Zanu PF officials.

 13:40. “Today we celebrate this day with you President. We are proud of you and that has motivated the youths to take this march to the streets in solidarity with your leadership,” Kudzai Chipanga.

13:42.  The bootlicking spree continues as Chipanga reinforces the One centre of power notion.

13:42. Chipanga proposes that Harare international Airport be renamed to Robert Mugabe. He also applauds RBZ for its policies meant to curb cash shortages including the introduction of Bond Notes.

13:50. Chipanga blast ministers for their love of  expensive cars at the expense of the suffering Zimbabweans. He says ministries, state enterprises must stop wasting resources by holding unending workshops in resort towns. He also condemns corruption which he says is rampant among parastatals.

14:00. Farms lying idle must be redistributed amongst the youths says Chipanga.

14:02. Endai munorara henyu zvakanaka muchiziva kuti 2018 munokunda baba VaMugabe.Tiri kuti firai pachigaro baba says Chipanga.

14:08. First Lady, Grace Mugabe takes it to the podium singing Ebenezer. She is praising President Mugabe quoting Jeremiah 1 vs 5. She says President Mugabe is irreplaceable.

14:35. President Mugabe takes it to the podium chanting Zanu PF slogans

Video Million-man march roars into life.

14:46. President Mugabe praising Chipanga for organising the Million-man march.

14.52. President Mugabe narrating how African countries fought Oppression. “Rukudzo rwandapiwa nevechidiki rwunondidukupisa,” he says.

14:59. “Handina pandakamboti ndinoda kuva president. Pese ndaingosarudzwa nevanhu,” says President Mugabe.He says it is not Zanu PF tradition to jostle for positions.

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