Motorists condemn government move to control insurance system

As government took control over insurance system as a way of sponging fake motor vehicle insurance, motorists have registered their agony over the move saying the move will see them paying more money for insurance

With the effect from 1 May the old system of buying insurance was changed with government taking the centre stage in the car insurance process, claiming to create better auto insurance with low down payment processes.

Speaking to 263chat, scores of taxi drivers said that this sudden control by government will see a fluctuation in their cost of doing business. Prior to the change in the car insurance system motorists could negotiate to settle insurance dues.

“This change has disturbed our business since we used to negotiate on prizes to touts before the system was computerised, “said a taxi driver who spoke on conditions of anonymity.

He added that the move was doing more harm to their business since the prices have gone high.

Another motorist echoed the above sentiments saying that motorists must not be forced to apply for insurance since it is not easy to claim in case of emergencies like accidents.

“We must not be forced to apply for insurance, even if one has insurance it won’t help since it takes ages to access the funds,” he queried

He also said that now they cannot negotiate the insurance price and they cannot afford to buy insurance at such a high price.

Meanwhile, some insurance companies perceive the move as a relief, which will wipe away insurance touts, thereby boosting their business.

“The newly introduced system actually came as a relief to insurance companies since it is getting rid of fake insurance fraudsters and helping us to boost our business.

“In terms of revenue, it is not going to affect us but helping us since motorists are coming directly to us not to touts,” said one of the insurance worker in Harare.

He however, bemoaned the currently prevailing cash shortages saying it hinders motorists from regularly paying their insurances .