I’m ready for Tyson- Mliswa

Former ZANU PF Hurungwe West legislator, Temba Mliswa has said he is ready to defend his farm against  a possible seizure by top ZANU PF officials .

Speaking at a press conference, Mliswa said he is not scared of Local Government Minister Savior Kasukuwere who has in the past threatened to invade his farm in Karoi.

Mliswa, who is also Youth Advocacy for Reform and Development (YARD) leader,  said he is not intimidated by the violent threats posed by Kasukuwere and said he will approach the courts to defend his constitutionally given farm.

“Kasukuwere is a heavyweight in violence not in political circles.

“I’m not intimidated by such people who incite youths to go and fight. We expect people like him to be coming with economic initiatives that can recover the economy rather than fighting individuals.

“If he wants to incite violence on me, then tell him I’m ready to fight. I know how he operates so I’m not afraid. He knows I can take him down at any given time,” said YARD boss.

Mliswa vowed that the farm in Karoi is his and no one can take it away, as he is a beneficiary of the Land Reform Programme initiated by the government in 2000.

“That farm is protected by the laws of this country. I own that infrastructure,” he said adding that he is different from most of the beneficiaries of the land reform because he paid for most of the land.

“So they cannot wake up and just talk about invading  my land.

“They have always targeted my farm for residential purposes but they cannot  jump to Karoi and target my farm alone, there is also a farm owned by Minister Chombo’s wife as well as the prison farm, so it is a process. Most of these things that he says contravene the urban Act,” Mliswa said.

He challenged Minister Kasukuwere to invade his farm but warned that it will not be an easy task as there are laws that protects his ‘rightfully acquired farm’. He added that there was no way government through Kasukuwere can confiscate the farm.

Temba Mliswa also took time to encourage people to speak out against injustices being perpetrated by the ZANU PF led government . He rallied behind Ace Lumumba for finally ‘seeing the light’ following his dig deeper videos which seek to unearth corruption government.

“I urge everyone to take up arms and speak out against misrule and injustices against the ZANU PF regime. Thanks to my brother Ace for finally realizing that, I hope it is not too late but he is doing a good thing.

“I also urge the youths to stay out of politically motivated violence as they will rot in prison. Those that send you will abandon you when all explodes. We want youths who are progressive that is why we have Youth Advocacy for Reform and Development.

“This organization stands for the development of this country and that is why we will support anyone who will contest against ZANU PF. We will campaign for them.”